The Atlantic First Nations Environmental Network is made up of First Nations organizations and community members who share information, knowledge and ideas that can improve Atlantic First Nations community environments.


The Network comes together, through meetings, conferences, or over the World Wide Web, to discuss environmental issues or concerns in their communities.  We hope that our collaboration will help allow environmental issues to be examined and addressed, and linkages with other communities, organisations, and governments to be established and strengthened.


This website includes information on some environmental issues of importance to First Nations people in the Atlantic region.  We hope that overtime, and with your input, it will continue to grow.  The Network website is a powerful communication tool and we encourage you to use it is as a forum to share your ideas, questions, and concerns related to First Nations communities in the Atlantic region.


News & Events

Mar 5, 2013

Call for proposals! Please click on ‘more’ below and then click on the document you wish to view. What are Environmental Contaminants; Program Brochure; Project Application